Luxury for Less in the Galapagos at Pikaia Lodge

Pikaia Lodge

Dive “Into the Blue” with seasonal savings at Pikaia Lodge. Now through November 2018, guests are able to experience the wonders of the Galápagos for 20% off the published rates for all travel packages. Alternatively, guests can discover the depths of the fascinating Pacific Ocean with complimentary full-day scuba diving explorations, observing the unique wildlife that inspired Charles Darwin’s Evolution Theory over 180 years ago.

Almost two centuries after the publication of Darwin’s discoveries, the Galápagos Archipelago has become a hotspot for travelers seeking adventure and new sights. With land and marine reserves protected by UNESCO as a Natural World Heritage Site, the area offers combinations of flora and fauna not seen anywhere else, which Pikaia Lodge is commited to protecting with its ongoing eco-friendly tourism efforts.

In the Galapagos, Fall is one of the busier seasons under the sea giving divers a chance to experience a kaleidoscope of marine life. In addition, the rare contrast of sunshine in tandem with the cooler and more pleasant air temperatures, makes Fall the perfect time of year to book that “enchanted” Galápagos Island getaway.

The new 20% off rates and complimentary scuba diving offers may be used by all guests ariving until the end of November 2018. Guests can view more information on special deals by visiting and book their visits at

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