Tschuggen Grand Kicks Off Winter Season, November 29

Tschuggen Grand express

The Tschuggen Grand Hotel in Arosa, one of Switzerland’s hidden gems, will begin the 2018/2019-winter season with its ninth annual exclusive Private Mountain event on November 29, before officially opening on December 3.

Nestled in the Alpine region of Arosa at an altitude of over 5,900 feet, the Tschuggen Grand offers guests a sneak peek of the untouched slopes each year with its Private Mountain event. Taking place from November 29-December 2, attendees can jump start their ski season before the downhill, cross-country and terrain park trails of the Hoernli Mountain officially open.

In addition to avoiding ski lift lines and having an exclusive look at the mountain, guests have access to the newly reimagined Tschuggen Express, the hotel’s very own private mountain railway.

After being completely redesigned this summer, the new Tschuggen Express will kick off its first winter season with the Private Mountain event. The Tschuggen Express has undergone an extensive overhaul – the existing railway has been replaced by a single track and fully automated lift, while an automatic level adjustment system keeps the state-of-the-art panoramic cabins in a horizontal position at all times – making the two and a half minute journey to the slopes the smoothest it’s ever been.

With these exclusive offerings, the Tschuggen Grand Hotel is certain to draw sports enthusiasts looking for a luxurious getaway to start their winter.

The Tschuggen Grand Hotel is a luxury resort set in Arosa’s spectacular Alpine region. All 130 rooms and suites fashion a contemporary fairy-tale style, making the hotel an ideal venue for a relaxed Alpine getaway with personalized 5-star service. The hotel features the Tschuggen Express, a private ski lift for guests of the Tschuggen Grand, the Tschuggen Bergoase Spa, built into the Tschuggen mountain, and four outstanding restaurants varying from a charming Swiss Fondue and Raclette restaurant to the gourmet Michelin-starred La Vetta.

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