5 Most Unusual Hotel Accommodations from Cox & Kings

sky bed

Authentic, immersive travel deeply connects guests with the local culture, so why shouldn’t the accommodations follow suit? Offering a true sense of place, Cox & Kings invites guests to explore beyond “big box” hotels at one of these five extraordinary lodgings. The world’s most enduring travel company is showcasing a few of their most uncommon accommodations around the world, sure to spark wanderlust in even the most discerning traveler.

sky bed


Lay in bed, and take in the grandeur of the African night sky as you sleep under the stars in your very own Luxury Skybed. During Cox & Kings’ South Africa & Botswana: Cape to Delta journey, travel from Cape Town to Botswana’s Okavango Delta, home to a plethora of elephant, lion, giraffe and much more. Sleep alfresco, two stories off the ground and high above the plains in one of Natural Selections’ Skybeds. Enclosed in sheer, mosquito netting, snuggle up and count the shooting stars while listening to the primal sounds of African night.

Lying just off the equator in Kenya, another unique “camping” option awaits at the Loisaba Conservancy. The camp’s Loisaba Starbeds offer a cozy dining and sitting room as well as a authentic wooden viewing platform, perched high above the bush, allowing guests an intimate experience with the wildlife below.

underwater hotel room


Cox & Kings’ Kenya & Zanzibar Family Discovery offers the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. From the powder soft white beaches of Zanzibar, guests can experience true bliss whether snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, sunbathing or sailing the crystal clear blue waters in a traditional dhow. The luxurious Manta Resort, just off the coast on Pemba Island, boasts a spectacular suite in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Anchored to the sea floor and encapsulated in a glass bubble this underwater hideaway becomes your own private aquarium. Guests wake to shoals of reef fish swimming by and fall asleep to soft murmuring of the sea that surrounds.

deluxe yurt


Experience life as a nomad in the rustic, yet luxurious Yurts at Patagonia Camp in Chile. Traditional Yurts, more commonly associated with Mongolia, are made of felt or skins on a collapsible framework. Patagonia Camp has adapted and modernized their yurts for the Chilean landscape, adding conveniences such as central heating, en-suite bathrooms and comfortable, handmade furniture and textiles. At night, stargaze from the comfort of your bed, as the circular translucent dome becomes your own private planetarium. Discover the heart of Patagonia on Cox & Kings’ incredible Chile & Argentina: Patagonia Fjords journey. Hike past glittering lakes in Torres del Paine National Park, cruise through the Dramatic Beagle and Murray Channels, visit large colonies of penguins and more.

bubble dome


In the heart of Jordan’s majestic Wadi Rum desert, Sun City Camp offers guests a once-in-a-lifetime experience to enjoy complete serenity and spiritual exploration. The Martian Domes, the hotel’s elite accommodations, feature a full wall of glass allowing for 180̊ views of the surrounding environment, while the interior combines authentic desert living with modern luxury, making guests feel as if they’ve arrived on a different planet. Cox & Kings’ Splendors of Jordan journey, highlights the best of the country’s magnificent cultural heritage and stunning landscapes, including the classical city of Jerash, the biblical site of Mount Nebo, and the rock-hewn city, Petra.

Japan scenery


On Cox & Kings’ Japan: Path of Enlightenment journey, experience firsthand the influence that Zen Buddhism has had on the culture of the country while exploring Tokyo’s shrines and temples. In Koyasan, travel to Holy Mount Koya, the center of Shingon Buddhism and stay overnight in what’s customarily known as a ‘shukubo,’ or Japanese temple lodging and enjoy a traditional vegetarian Buddhist dinner. Situated on a small plain, Koyasan is known as the Danjo Gara, a complex of temples, halls, pagodas and Buddhist statuary. Travelers will be given a true sense of place, all while taking in the scenery, religious heritage and people of Japan.


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