Top 5 Destinations for Art Lovers in Europe

goeuro Venice

Europe as a continent can easily be considered a work of art all on its own with deep roots in the arts stemming back centuries. The timeline of art in Europe is expansive and ranges from the Middle Ages, Neoclassicism to Surrealism and Pop Art. With so many experiences and styles of art readily available for visual consumption, GoEuro, a mobile and web-based application that offers an efficient means of transportation via train, bus, or plane, has identified a ‘Five-Stop Art and Culture Itinerary for Under 200 Euro.’

The itinerary identifies the best locations to go, where to go upon arrival as well as the best travel times and mode of transportation. This itinerary starts travelers off in Rome and works its way to wrap up in Berlin. Below are the five locations and their best features:

Romeventure to the Spanish Steps and climb all 135 of them to explore the historical church that lies at the top

The saying goes ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’ and they certainly had a taste for opulence. Rome is the cultural capital of Europe and the perfect starting point for a trip of historical grandeur. The magnificent 2000-year-old Colosseum remains one of the most breathtaking sights in the world and is the focal point of the capital, which overflows with Baroque artwork. The presence of Renaissance architecture is heavy within Rome’s walls, while the Vatican is absolutely stunning. Check out the Sistine Chapel and be sure to keep an eye out for the Pope. Don’t forget to immerse yourself in Italy’s relaxed culture and sample some of the best food in the Mediterranean while staying in Rome.

Florencevisit the Piazzale Michelangelo and experience the stature of the iconic statue of David

Florence exudes understated charm and beauty. Rich with history and home to a wondrous array of Renaissance architecture and artistic masterpieces, it encompasses all the best parts of Italian culture. The prevailing 15th Century Duomo (Dome) the Santa Maria del Flore dominates the skyline and radiates majestic charm. One of Florence’s main appeals lies in its timelessness. It has barely changed since it was built and has maintained a timeless elegance. With its outdoor swimming options, heavenly choral concerts, and al fresco lifestyle, Florence is sure not to disappoint.

Venicethis iconic city offers the opportunity to explore the Gothic Quarter and the many bridges and canals of the city via gondola

The quintessential water city, Venice is a place like no other. Venice’s striking Gothic Quarter is a labyrinth of spectacular Venetian architecture built on a network of narrow canals. Travelers should start at the acclaimed San Marco Piazza and take in the historic gems of Basilica di San Marco, Palazzo Ducale, and the Torre dell’Orologio. No trip to Venice is complete without a gondola ride – the perfect opportunity to glide through Venice’s serene waters. Set against the backdrop of baroque buildings, live like locals by joining the crowds for a sunset aperitif in the bars of the north-western foot of the Rialto Bridge. But most importantly, allow yourself to become totally immersed in the sheer beauty of Venice.

Viennatake in the baroque architecture and views of the history from the top of the city’s famous Ferris Wheel

Fondly known as ‘The City of Dreams’, Vienna’s baroque streets and imperial palaces are the perfect backdrop for its musical legacy and artistic flair. It exudes conventional romance and the Ringstrasse palace-turned-art-museum is one of the city’s highlights. Travelers should wander the cobbled streets and soak up Vienna’s beauty, stopping for traditional Kaffee und Kuchen (coffee and cake) along the way. There are plenty of classical concerts to attend to commemorate Mozart and Beethoven’s heritage, while the powerful legacy of the Habsburg Monarchy is ever present in the city. Vienna is without a doubt a step into the past.

Berlincap off the trip by traversing the marriage of historic and modern architecture throughout the city and visit the site of the Berlin Wall where pieces still remain

Berlin’s rich and recent history is still very much present in its city borders. As well as pieces of the former wall, there are lots of prominent historical buildings dotted all over the city. From Einstein to Hitler to Bowie, Berlin has been shaped into the fascinating city it is today through its powerful history. The celebration of Berlin’s unification is mirrored in the utter freedom that is felt within the city. Travelers should embark on a historical tour, check out the infamous abandoned buildings and stop off at Museumsinsel (Museum Island). The Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate must be seen, while evenings can be spent in an authentic Biergarten or embracing some of Berlin’s notorious nightlife.

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