Tips on Touring Dubai on a Budget and Time Limit

Dubai Fountain

Time and money are often excuses we use for not traveling. When it comes to international travel especially, it is understandable to want to set aside money and identify time when you take a break from everything and travel. As travel trends continue to evolve, time and money are no longer hinderances. We have identified hacks that you can use to travel on lighter budgets and time limits. The first of course is to identify a suitable destination and Dubai is the choice to go for. Less than six hours on a direct flight from the Kenya, the ‘city of gold’ is a one stop shop for any traveler seeking to experience world class entertainment, shopping, and adventure.

Travel as a group

Group travelling is fast gaining popularity among Kenyans and its advantages are countless. Group travel packages are more often more affordable and you get to meet new people! Travel agencies are using this tactic to attract people to destinations which would otherwise be too expensive for solo travel. Large group travel packages attract discounted early bird booking deals on hotels, cheaper flight deals, and even cheaper activity rates per person.

Fairs and festivals

Fairs and festivals mean sales, discounts on activities, vouchers and prices to be won, loads of offers that make travel and cost of activities more affordable. Most parts of the world make use of festivals to attract visitors and Dubai has over the years become home to festivals which attract guests from all over the world. The Dubai Shopping Festival is a haven for shoppers on a budget or those who like to catch the best shopping deals, Dubai Food Festival attracts food lovers and chefs from all over the world and Dubai Summer Surprises is a must to attend for people looking to experience the best of Dubai during summer.

Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding: is a non-profit organization which promotes awareness of Emirati culture, customs, traditions and religion among expatriates and foreign visitors in the United Arab Emirates.

Off-peak Season

Off-peak seasons are a great time to travel to destinations. When visitor numbers are low, costs are low too as attractions try to entice people, which means you get to save money. If Dubai has always been in your bucket list, then traveling there during Summer is the time to watch out for. The city is usually experiencing hot temperatures however, so you might want to keep outdoor activities few in your list. Visit the world class malls like the Dubai Mall which are well air conditioned, experience the in-door activities which include visiting water parks and skiing in Ski Dubai among other activities.

24 Hour travel

One day travel is fast becoming popular. Imagine landing in Dubai on a Saturday morning and coming back home on Sunday with some hours to spare before going back to the office on Monday. Speed tourism not only saves you time but money. You don’t even need to book a hotel for this because every minute of sight-seeing counts, which makes it all the more cheaper.

Free activities

They say the best things in life are free and Dubai offers some of the great experiences and at no cost. Some of the activities you can engage in include, walks along Dubai Marina  enjoy the sights and sounds around the city. You can also visit the Dubai Fountain at the Dubai Mall offering world-famous, unique, choreographed displays held during regular intervals throughout each evening.

Dubai Fountain at Dubai Mall: the world’s largest performing fountain set on a 30-acre Burj Khalifa manmade lake.

Additionally, the new Dubai Pass, an all-inclusive pre-paid card, that can be topped up to grant cash-free access to 33 key attractions across Dubai, makes it the perfect way for tourists to explore the city’s world-class destination proposition and for cheaper.

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