Brazil’s Unique Garden Hotel & Spa Unveils Major Re-Design

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Unique Garden Hotel & Spa has completely transformed its famous Contemporary Chalets, designed by one of Brazil’s most revered architects and designers. Style icon Ruy Ohtake has re-imagined his original creation, taking Brazilian contemporary design to a new level.

Nature informs the overall construction and design of the new chalets, as each room draws inspiration from the rich color palette of the extensive gardens of the property. The ten spacious chalets take cues from the fruitful, orange persimmon trees, the pink and purple flowers adorning each corner of the property, and the blue and green exotic birds who also call Unique Garden their home. Some chalets are built with a wood exterior, and others with stone; all with a hot tub for guests to soak in privacy at any time of day.

Inspired by Unique Garden’s wavy mountainous landscape, the chalets feature curved walls and fluid structures with elevated bedrooms overlooking the living areas. Guest are treated to pleasing aesthetics, which include strong architectural features that combine bold design and functionality. Every detail is the result of a thoughtful design process by Ruy Ohtake: from sofas and couches, lamps, walls and even coat racks, to rugs and bedside tables.

Unique Garden was built with the intention to connect people to nature, and the newly reinvented Contemporary Chalets do this in both subtle and grand ways. Whether it be through a real tree, boldly placed adjacent to the glass shower in each bathroom, or through the inspired color choices for each room, guests at Unique Garden will feel the earth at every step of the way.

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