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The Coachella Music Festival is fast becoming one of the busiest events of the year for private jet travel. As the festival grows in popularity, many are choosing to avoid the famous LA to Palm Springs festival traffic to arrive promptly and in style by private jet. PrivateFly, a private jet charter booking platform, has seen Coachella flights increase by 20% since 2017, as A-listers, celebrities, musicians and fans flock to Palm Springs to attend not only the festival itself but also the exclusive private parties.

Less Travel Time Equals More Music
Palm Springs International Airport is the main terminal for the area, but savvy private jets travelers are flying into Jacqueline Cochran Regional Airport for Coachella. Jacqueline Cochran is exclusively used by private aviation flights and is just nine miles from the festival grounds – while Palm Springs International is 25 miles away. The 16-mile difference may not seem like a deal-breaker, but the closer location can save over two hours of precious time by road and have guest swaying to the music that much faster. The other side to a timely arrival is a speedy exit. PrivateFly is jetting one music group to LA for another gig the same night as their set on the Coachella stage.

Forget Carpooling, Pick Up Your Friends in a Jet

It’s certainly not just Los Angeles locals taking a quick flight to escape the highway traffic. PrivateFly is flying in clients from all over the US (and some internationally) to this year’s festival.

PrivateFly is helping one client fly from Washington DC into Dallas to pick up two festival-going friends so they can start the party early and arrive together just in time for Friday’s headliners. In this case, private jets offer flexibility that allows for a different type of group travel.

In-N-Out in The Sky

Private jet travel allows guests to customize their travel experience including what is served inflight. This year, PrivateFly is receiving in-flight catering orders that are as varied as the attendees. For example, guests are requesting everything from sushi platters from their favorite restaurant to iconic In-N-Out burgers delivered fresh and ordered to preference in time for takeoff.

Sample Pricing:

Roundtrip on an 8-seat Kingair 200 (it’s a propeller plane) from Van Nuys to Jacqueline Cochran Airport starting at $6,240

One Way on a 13-seat Gulfstream G450 from New York City to Jacqueline Cochran Airport (no annoying connecting flights!) starting at $61,200

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