Angama Mara Offers New Guest Experiences in Kenya’s Maasai Mara

Angama Mara

Angama Mara, the award-winning luxury safari lodge in Kenya’s famed Maasai Mara, is located in one of the iconic spots from the film Out of Africa. Now, Angama Mara has a “farm” of its own. Swahili for vegetable garden, the ‘Shamba’ is fast becoming a much-loved experience for Angama Mara’s guests.

Designed by architect, Ian Dommisse, the Shamba is built with environmentally friendly construction methods, and is divided into five zones for different produce, including: pumpkins and fruit trees; citrus and blooming red spirals; “crop circles” and helping herbs; dining and lazing; and a Kenyan medicinal healing garden. When the Shamba is fully planted it will provide most of the lodge’s need for fine salads, herbs, tomatoes and baby vegetables.

Located within easy walking distance of the lodge, most guests stop by on their way to or from the Reserve. The Shamba keepers welcome guests at the passionfruit bower that forms the entrance to the garden. They then guide guests via meandering paths through the one-acre garden, explaining all the produce and encouraging guests to pick and taste the produce along the way. The design is magical and the Shamba keepers share the story behind its unique layout. This is not Mr. McGregor’s vegetable patch!

The lodge offers private Shamba-to-table lunches in the garden under romantic towering shade trees. Guests can pick their own ingredients, which are then washed and readied for the freshest possible salad. Angama Mara’s butlers prepare a wicker basket filled with loaves of bread, local Kenyan cheeses and chilled ros√© wine to accompany the salad. Guests are left to while away the afternoon taking in sweeping views of the Mara below, while watching the butterflies and birds dance around the garden. The Shamba-to-table experience is just one of the included activities available to guests at Angama Mara. For more information, please see

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