Beachside Culture on Mykonos

San Giorgio

A real “must” with the international jet set crowd, Mykonos has earned it’s credentials as a cultural purveyor with a paradisical backdrop. Here on the island, San Giorgio Mykonos and Scorpios have together formed a creative hub for a community of global nomads and locals alike, all while embodying a stunning testament to holistic design and free-spirtited luxury. This season brings out the  heavy hitters, both in culinary offerings and ritualistic programming.

The 32-room San Giorgio Mykonos is situated on one of the most scenic areas of the island between the Paradise and Paranga beaches. Designed by Michael Schickinger and Annabell Kutucu, the beach property features shimmering polished cement counters in the open-plan kitchen while the alfresco lounge and deck look straight out to the ice-blue Aegean. With a spotlight on origin and craftsmanship, only a few carefully chosen accessories—such as raw wood chairs, traditional Greek woven-top stools, and cotton matelassé quilts—give an innate warmth to an otherwise open space.

Set within a weather-worn house, Scorpios is one of the few beach locations on Mykonos offering an uninterrupted view across the open sea. The daily rituals this season are built around the five pillars of food, healing, design, art, and music, and culminate in the sunset ritual that guides guests trough the ceremony of sundown while celebrating diverse strands of the avant-garde, with each day of the week tuned to a unique rhythm. Focusing on the first pillar, the restaurant incorporates the belief that “we are what we eat”. Newly redesigned, the Sunset Restaurant opens up onto a large, central terrace and features a menu focused on authenticity and the reinterpretation of traditional recipes by Chef Alexis Zopas such as grilled seafood, ceviches, avocado tzatziki, and ras el hanout.

See full cultural program here.

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