Travel to the Uco Valley in 2018 – Argentina’s ‘Napa Valley of 30 years ago’

Uco Valley

America is having a love affair with Malbec wine, drawing more eyes to its home country, Argentina.

According to the numbers, Malbec is the fastest growing wine in the US, making Argentina now the fourth largest wine exporter. So, it’s no surprise the high-altitude Argentine lands of Uco Valley, known for growing some of the best Malbec grapes in the globe, is buzzing with activity.

Just Southwest of Mendoza City lies the growing viticulture region of Uco Valley with 330 days of sun, commonly referred to as “Argentina’s Napa Valley of 30 years ago,” an unsung wine region that’s seeing more family-owned wineries crop up and more foreign visitors and investments, specifically American, French and Dutch.

The Argentine government just announced that it will now allow the country’s first budget airline, FlyBondi, to take flight starting this fall, making it easier for domestic and international travelers to get to the Argentine wine country, like Mendoza’s Uco Valley, for $78 one-way. On November 15th, Copa Airlines will launch its new direct flight to Mendoza, the bridge connecting the northeastern provinces of Argentina with the rest of the North American continent.

Uco valley, set against the snowcapped Andes mountains, is beloved for its Andes Mountain trekking, moonlight horseback rides, vineyard bike rides, open-flame BBQs, wine making and ownership programs, Argentine-cooking classes and more, all offered at one of the youngest family-owned wine estates, Casa de Uco, where starting in 2018, guests will be able to stay in vineyard-tucked, eco-villas for the very first time—the property just opened up villa reservations. The stripped down, striking-designed villas feature green rooftops, solar panels, geothermal energy in floorings and walls for heating and air-conditioning and self-contained water and heating system.

Here’s an incredible video that the tourism board of Uco Valley put together (gives us goosebumps).

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