Tensing Pen, A Romantic Eco Friendly Resort in Jamaica

Tensing Pen

Tensing Pen Resort offers a collection of 17 wood, thatch and stone cottages varying in style and size. Nestled in its own private cove, the boutique resort is perched along the break-taking limestone cliffs of Negril, overlooking the vast Caribbean Sea. The cottages are handcrafted by local tradesman from artisan materials found on the island, giving you an insight of the local customs and traditions.

Each cottage is uniquely designed and decorated – some are tucked away in the lush tropical gardens, while others rise high above the canopy with balconies overlooking the Sea. Each room showcases arts and crafts from local artists – creating an authentic Jamaican experience for guests.

True to the Caribbean lifestyle, Tensing Pen places an emphasis on total rest and relaxation, over the hustle and bustle of many other resorts in Jamaica. Tensing Pen offers treetop bungalows, open-air dining, a pool, and remarkable ocean swimming and cliff diving – drawing in travelers seeking a mix of leisure, luxury and adventure.

Travelers can rent out the entire resort for family gatherings, weddings or large parties. Swimming pool, bar, gift shop, spa services and yoga are available. Activities in this tropical wonderland include dolphin lookouts, mountain biking, dives from the popular timber cove bridge, viewing spectacular sunsets, para-sailing, swimming and snorkeling.



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