New fleet of Blokarts Set Sail at Sanchaya

Sanchaya Blockarts

The Sanchaya is calling on thrill seekers to strap themselves into new wind-powered, three-wheeled karts and reach speeds of up to 60kph on one of the world’s most stunning beaches.

In an Indonesian first, The Sanchaya, a 21-villa and nine suite estate on Indonesia’s scenic Bintan Island near Singapore, this month welcomed a fleet of four Blokarts, an invention taking the sailing world by storm.

The Sanchaya’s vast stretch of hard sand beach on Lagoi Bay and prevailing winds are optimal for Blokart-style sailing, said estate manager Magnus Olovson.

“Harnessing the wind and coasting on two of the Blokart’s three wheels – a move known as ‘flying a wheel’ – is nothing short of mind-blowing,” said Olovson.  “I’ve never tried anything like it before. I had such a blast.”

Drawing on his background in hand gliding and land sailing, New Zealander Paul Beckett invented the Blokart in 1999.  Unlike most other land yachts, the Blokart has hand steering, require few sail adjustments, and can be quickly disassembled and packed into a carry bag.

With 14,000 Blokart owners globally and growing, Blokart International representative Ash Rawson said Blokart sailing and racing are fast growing in popularity, particularly in Europe, New Zealand, Australia, the United States and South Africa.

“Blokarts are fast, fun and compact,” said Rawson. “I reckon it’s the best toy on the planet.”

Blokart sailing at The Sanchaya starts at USD 40. Three trained resort staff manage the operation.

For further details, visit or call +62 770 692200.

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