Petit St Vincent Private Island Celebrates Global Wellness Day

Petit Saint Vincent

Celebrating wellness is at the core of the Petit St Vincent experience, so to mark Global Wellness Day on 10th June, the world-wide event dedicated to living well, the resort will be offering complimentary scuba diving sessions to guests at their world-famous Cousteau Dive Centre.

Scuba for Mindfulness 

Mindfulness has taken the world by storm and is now practiced in all manner of settings. Defined as ‘awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally’ (Jon Kabat-Zin), scuba diving provides a perfect backdrop for training the mind in this way.

Matthew Semark, General Manager of Petit St. Vincent and experienced diving instructor said of the initiative: ‘mindfulness is now huge above land, so we believe it is time to take it under water. We have really excellent diving here and our Cousteau-trained instructors ensure a calm and seamless experience throughout, leaving the mind free to focus on the breath and spectacular underwater scenery.’

Complimentary Scuba for Global Wellness Day 

As part of their dedication to providing holidays for wellness, Petit St. Vincent will be giving away free Discover Scuba sessions on 10th June.

The Cousteau Dive Centre at the resort is one of only two in the world set up by the leading ocean conversation family, who singled out the site as one of the best diving destinations in the Caribbean. The staff, who are carefully selected by the organization, are PADI trained to the highest level.

PADI Discover Scuba – from classroom to reef in two hours

Many believe that to dive a reef, you need to spend days training. However at Petit St. Vincent, it is possible in just a couple of hours. After an in-depth training session from the PADI Diving Instructors in the center and then the shallows, it is off to a nearby reef; here guests can dive up to 12 meters, with an instructor by their side at all times. They can then continue to dive throughout their holiday.

Petit St. Vincent – A destination for wellness 

This private island offers an informal luxury Caribbean experience, with 22 spacious cottages and villas privately situated over 115 acres of lush forest and cliff-tops, with views of practically deserted pristine beaches and surrounded by clear-blue seas.

The aim of the brand is to be as sustainable as possible, with a large organic garden, growing an array of vegetables, tropical fruit and produce, as well as housing 400 chickens. There are also a number of conservation initiatives underway, such as coral regeneration programs, water recycling and sustainable fishing campaigns.

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