Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is Expanding its Horizons with New Luxury Hotel, Spa

Moss Hotel Suite 60

In autumn, 2017, Blue Lagoon will be opening an underground spa, a 62-room luxury hotel, and a signature restaurant.

The first phase of the expansion was introduced in 2016 when the Blue Lagoon was enlarged by half, creating more space for each guest in order to enhance their experience. Furthermore, a new access control system was implemented, minimizing wait times and queues, and enabling the optimal conditions for experiencing the Blue Lagoon. With Iceland’s meteoric ascent as an epicenter of global holiday destinations, this approach has become the benchmark for the successful optimization of guest experiences in the country’s tourism industry.

Unique environment for experiences

The goal of the second phase of the expansion is to create a unique environment for experiences that continue to be based on the extraordinary powers of geothermal seawater, the beauty of Blue Lagoon’s volcanic surroundings, and the luxuries of world class service. The aim is to erase the boundary between nature, wellness, hospitality, and affluence.

The spa is called Lava Cove. The name of the hotel is Moss Hotel. The hotel’s signature dining establishment – with a menu based on the reinvention of Iceland’s culinary tradition – is called Moss Restaurant.

Named by National Geographic as one of 25 wonders of the world, Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland’s most recognizable brands and tourism destinations.

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